Leading Change for Modern Learning: Professional Development for School Leaders

Who is it for?

This coaching experience is for high-performing education leaders: principals, directors, and superintendents. Although we value and provide professional learning for teachers, this is not for them.

What is it?

This professional learning model is designed to meet principals’ needs and time constraints by blending face to face coaching with virtual participation. Participants will gain skills in

  • Developing capacity to lead complex change
  • Understanding frameworks and organizational behavior
  • Implementing learner-centered models (personalized, individualized, etc.)
  • Planning and executing valuable staff development
  • Applying effective coaching models
  • Maximizing 1:1 screen cultures
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles


Demanding schedules mean that professional learning for leaders is often overlooked, but as districts modernize learning and transform classrooms, the leadership of principals is the linchpin for comprehensive change. Coaching develops individual leadership effectiveness and the knowledge and skills for implementing long-term strategic initiatives.

How does it work?

This learning experience is designed to move beyond what is typically achieved in a few scattered training days or attending a conference. Curated content, collaboration, personalized feedback, strategy development and coaching will be experienced through personalized interactions and collaborative digital learning spaces.

Your coach for your district cohort is Yancy Unger. As a public school teacher, Yancy realized that our classrooms would need to merge technology with learning to provide more autonomy and purpose for students. This journey took him to the Indiana Department of Education Office of ELearning, where he gathered a tribe of innovative leaders to think deeply about modernizing curriculum in schools. The leaders in this curriculum tribe became bright spots in their districts and beyond.

Yancy has over 12 years of experience in coaching school executives through modernizing curriculum and learning models with a focus on staff development, educational technology, eLearning, curriculum design, and organizational change.

What does it include?

  • 3 on site visits with your executive admin team (up to 15 in group settings)
  • Mentoring, resources, and collaboration through Google Classroom or your LMS
  • 12 virtual hours with video conferencing or digital communication
    Texts and materials related to the cohort
  • Feedback and measurement summary to district lead

How much does it cost?

The cohort will last the duration of one year, with the district choosing when to schedule the onsite days. Sign a proposal before July 4, 2018 and the cost is $6717 covering up to 15 participants. (This special pricing is over 25% off for early planning. Larger cohorts can be negotiated.)

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