Change Cohort

What is it?

The School Change Cohort is an intensive 2 week experience for excellent school leaders wanting to lead change at their schools. With a change coach and other collaborators, you will focus on awareness and approach for complex change within public education.

There will be thought and work around:Change Cohort

  • Vision
  • Gaining consensus
  • Assembling a team
  • Organizational psychology
  • Staff development
  • Measurement

The purpose is to help provide you a framework for change, not tell you what to change to.

Who is it for?

This experience is for school leaders tired of the cycle of status quo. This is for superintendents, curriculum directors, principals, and teachers ready to move towards the change they desire for their students.

This cohort is limited to 12 participants.

When is it?

The two week experience will begin June 26, 2017 and end July 10. We are trying to meet the needs of administrators, who have more autonomy over their summer schedules than the busy school year.

How does it work?

The coaching and collaboration will be facilitated using Google Classroom, Zoom video conferencing, and Google Sites. We will be using the type of tools your students can be using in your schools.

Projects and reflection will drive the experience. We will have scheduled learning gatherings every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Eastern Standard Time, New York. (We will not meet on July 4th.)

There will be several projects with due dates and required reflections with your collaborators. One of the projects will provide you the framework for a comprehensive staff development plan.

Who is coaching this experience?

The coach for this experience is Yancy Unger. Yancy has been working with schools tackling systemic change for the past ten years. While at the Indiana Department of Education, Yancy worked with schools moving from a textbook model of curriculum to one in which teachers and students curate multiple resources and learning experiences. During his time working with hundreds of schools, he has identified bright spots and lynchpins for successful change and how to navigate organizational psychology.

What is the investment?

The course cost is $1000. (You might be able to have your school reimburse this using professional development funds such as Title IIA.)

The course is also an investment of your time and will provide valuable resources and personal coaching.

What if I have more questions?

You can call or text Yancy directly at (812)360-1783

How do I join?

Please register for the event using Eventbrite. You can pay now or request an invoice be sent to your school.

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