A more democratic public education

We elect officials that set policy and we elect school board members thinking of public education as democratic but it really does not provide enough autonomy for students and teachers. A more democratic education system might be the remedy for the pathology in public education rather than our current treating of the symptoms. Dr. Christopher Emdin addresses … Continue reading A more democratic public education

Question the effectiveness of homework and flossing.

You do not need to have a post-modern disposition to question the effectiveness of homework. You likely did as an eight grader and as the parent of an eighth grader late on a Wednesday night. Alfie Kohn has taken the no-homework charge for some time and the message even began to go mainstream.It looks like the … Continue reading Question the effectiveness of homework and flossing.

And there was light at Chattahoochee

Focusing on a more literal bright-spot, check out the Hooch Learning Studio at Chattahoochee. The unquiet librarian, Buffy Hamilton, helped with the design and you can see the team moved past making it more like Starbuck’s. I would have liked to seen more pictures of students using the space, but the flexibility and connectedness is apparent … Continue reading And there was light at Chattahoochee

“Help me tell the truth”

Education gadfly Gary Stager puts forth what educators need to know today in his recent post “You Can’t Handle the Truth.” As in his usual banter, he strikes down idols of classroom management, unqualified policy makers, “get rich books”, and “debating the merits of modernity.”–We should get behind his charge of giving every student a multimedia device … Continue reading “Help me tell the truth”