This site is about students.

Often the “About” space is to tell how our service or approach is different and better than others, or give background about our founder and team. That is what I started to write for this section, but as I kept looking at the “About” banner, I kept thinking it really is about students.

Several years ago I was in a bathroom of a high school in southern Indiana and saw this written in marker:

Broken Doors,

Broken Dreams,

Broken School,

Broken Kids

Many educators do not like for people to say our schools are broken. They see it as an attack on them, the very people who make up schools. They even argue that graduation rates and test scores have risen. Paradoxically, educators also complain about the current school system: how it treats teachers, how budgets are cut, how we focus too much on test scores, and on and on.

The student who wrote these words likely was not considering graduation rates or PISA scores. The lens our students are looking through at school, is one where the world is uncertain and the relevance and purpose of schools seems inadequate. They look through a lens where our society is filled with inequality and the schools preparing them to be members lack equity.

Our schools have to change. The forces outside are too strong. These forces are stronger than the policies or those advocating for a certain type of reform. These forces are even more than the inertia of those wanting to restore schools to what they once were.

Our students want and need for schools to change. This site is about helping make that happen.