We really are investing in edtech

We are continuing to invest quite a bit of money and resources in edtech. Recently from Forbes:

“Last year, David Bainbridge, CEO of UK-based Knowledgemotion, published an article on TechCrunch titled “Edtech is the Next Fintech.” According to Bainbridge, a new education world has begun with investments in edtech set to reach $252 billion globally by 2020.

Digital technologies are starting to transform education. The range of new learning begins in early childhood and continues with baby-boomers looking to continue their studies or learn something new. Also, increasingly more students are using technology in various ways to learn: through tablets, computers and on their mobile phones. Teachers are also using more edtech products and screens to strategize and modify their lesson plans. Online texts are replacing physical textbooks, and personalized learning provides students with the ability to learn and explore at their own pace and on their own time.”

This will have an undeniable influence on what education will become. Who will guide the curriculum? Will the “medium become the message?” (Look at the present influence of Google on these two questions.)

The article continues with looking at 10 growing edtech companies. Top Hat struck me as the most interesting and also cited as raising the most funds. The CEO, Mike Silagadze, gives a quote of how they are set apart.

“We looked for a gap in the market, in particular around classroom interaction and engagement and that was our entry point. We created the first cloud-based, BYOD engagement tool in higher education.”

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