First year teachers are not using tech as much as experienced colleagues

Education had dangerous talk in this idea of digital natives fluidly using technology and associating it to other skills. I remember a student teacher finding out the social studies department at one high school did not use textbooks, and he immediately put in a transfer to another high school with the college.

Project tomorrow has offered up some data supporting what many educators knew all along. First-year teachers did not use technology well in transforming learning in the classroom.

New data from a survey of more than 37,000 educators revealed that first-year teachers aren’t using tech in the classroom as much as their more experienced colleagues even though they have a higher opinion of their own technological abilities.

My guess is that there is a several issues going on to create this problem.

  • Schools do not have the proper technology and access for these new teachers. (Many of the tools these beginning teachers are most familiar with are blocked by admins. Public schools for some time has a cork on a fork mentality for innovative technologies.)
  • Teacher prep programs are not meeting this need of placing teachers in modern classrooms. Yes this group of new teachers uses technology and even have it modeled in higher education. This pedagogical model is much different than a fourth grade classroom.
  • Lack of quality mentor relationships between new and experienced teachers.
  • These beginning teachers have never been in a classroom P-12 where this was modeled for them.
  • Beginning teachers caught in the Dunning-Kruger effect  in terms of being able to use technology with sound pedagogy.


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