A more democratic public education

We elect officials that set policy and we elect school board members thinking of public education as democratic but it really does not provide enough autonomy for students and teachers.

A more democratic education system might be the remedy for the pathology in public education rather than our current treating of the symptoms.

Dr. Christopher Emdin addresses that we need more democracy in our current education system in his profound SXSWedu 2017 keynote. He calls for us to recognize our maladjustment in giving students the curriculum we think they need as opposed to the curriculum they need. He points out that we have felt the need to extract the culture out of students of color in order to educate them. Dr. Emdin wants equity for our students and uses a framework from A Tribe Called Quest’s  album “We got it from here…thank you for your service.”

What is going on there, that process where you are feeling uncomfortable about my approach to describing this information to you and you are looking around not knowing what to do. What that it is your body being maladjusted and the question is this. You have to get to the point where you get maladjusted to the norms of social spaces to the point where you are so frustrated you say, “I am over it. For you–we got it from here. Thank you for your service.

You can watch the part highlighted above here, but the whole presentation by Dr. Emdin is worth a listen.

Ricardo Semler proved successful in democratizing corporate business and now he is doing it for schools.

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