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Personalized learning is grabbing attention, but there needs to be some thought behind how it is implemented in schools. The current high-stakes testing culture could push some bad uses including the wrong race of teacher against machine. Other educators are warning that their is a difference between personal learning and personalized learning, with the difference being the agency of the learner.

  1. Kids and voice assistants-The good and side effects of Alexa, Siri, Google Home, etc.
  2. Working on defining personalized learning in K-12–International Association for k-12 Online Education.
  3. Education Technology and the Ideology of Personalization– Ed tech analyst Audrey Watters explains Summit Learning Platform including origins, intentions, and possible outcomes. Excerpt below.

“We readily recognize Facebook and Twitter as these sorts of platforms; but I’d argue that they’re more pervasive and more insidious, particularly in education. There, platforms include the learning management systems and student information systems, which fundamentally define how teachers and students and administrators interact. They define how we conceive of “learning”. They define what “counts” and what’s important.”

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