Question the effectiveness of homework and flossing.

You do not need to have a post-modern disposition to question the effectiveness of homework. You likely did as an eight grader and as the parent of an eighth grader late on a Wednesday night.

Alfie Kohn has taken the no-homework charge for some time and the message even began to go mainstream.It looks like the number of educators is growing, but it still sounds counter-intuitive to teachers and parents.

A school in Vermont banned homework and found that it was appreciated and had no measurable negative impact on student achievement.

So they instituted the policy, as this page on the school website shows:

No Homework Policy
Orchard School Homework Information
Student’s Daily Home Assignment

1. Read just-right books every night —
(and have your parents read to you too).
2. Get outside and play —
that does not mean more screen time.
3. Eat dinner with your family —
and help out with setting and cleaning up.
4. Get a good night’s sleep.

What’s the result?

Six months into the experiment, Trifilio says it has been a big success: Students have not fallen back academically and may be doing better, and now they have “time to be creative thinkers at home and follow their passions.”

While you are questioning the effectiveness of homework question flossing your teeth as well. Disclaimer- I am an educator not a dentist, but this gentlemen is.

Parenting just got a little easier.

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