And there was light at Chattahoochee

Focusing on a more literal bright-spot, check out the Hooch Learning Studio at Chattahoochee. The unquiet librarian, Buffy Hamilton, helped with the design and you can see the team moved past making it more like Starbuck’s. I would have liked to seen more pictures of students using the space, but the flexibility and connectedness is apparent enough.

The place seems bright, and you can see they used natural light around some of the coastlines.

As you can see, the space is more open, brighter, and student-friendly.  Instead of heavy, dark drab furniture, the space is now filled with furniture designed for active learning experiences and is so much lighter and brighter!  It is like night and day from the dark, drab space I lived in for a year and that was so very difficult to use for teaching and learning.  This space is now designed to be more than a study hall; it is welcoming to many kinds of learning experiences.

Don’t be quick to undervalue the effect of natural light on a learning space. This report attributes light comprising 21% of overall affects from physical characteristics of a space on learning in primary school. (This report suggests that physical characteristics can impact up to 16% of overall student progress. You will also find some interesting information on individualization and stimulation on space in the report.)

Still I wonder if there is a little less light in Chattahoochee with the unquiet librarian now in Gainesville,Georgia teaching writing. Gainesville’s gain and you can follow her.

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