“Help me tell the truth”

Education gadfly Gary Stager puts forth what educators need to know today in his recent post “You Can’t Handle the Truth.”

As in his usual banter, he strikes down idols of classroom management, unqualified policy makers, “get rich books”, and “debating the merits of modernity.”–We should get behind his charge of giving every student a multimedia device and a cello.

It is refreshing to see a focus on the learner instead of the “rock star” or “superhero” teacher much touted on social media and some educational conferences.

Teaching and learning are not the same thing. Learning is a verb and not the direct result of having been taught. Learning is natural. Children do not need to be tricked or coerced into learning when engaged in meaningful pursuits. Whenever faced with a classroom decision, educators should rely on the mantra, “Less Us, More Them.” Students always profit when maximum agency is shifted to them.

And Pearson is unlikely your friend if you are against current education policy as they continue growing a closed loop system exchanging teacher with proctor.


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